Confused what children would do with play dough? How to play with it and what exactly to do with it? PepPlay’s Dough Art Kit is just the one to give a new direction to the old, unorganized way of playing with clay. Just let the little ones pick a scene of their choice from the array of reversible card options, match the colors on the card with the play dough colors and bring to life the beautiful scenes! Learn how to mold, shape and cut clay using those little hands and a clay knife! Learning should never be boring and the fun should never stop!

Key Features:

  • Each scene card is designed to have vibrant designs and color specific dotted lines with the right amount of space for placing clay.
  • The scene cards and clay are non-toxic, and reusable.
  • Learn to mold, cut, shape and place the clay at the designed spaces on the scene cards.
  • Helps learn color coordination, molding and placement while using the clay and scene cards.
  • A complete set of 6 double side print cards that make for 12 unique and vibrant designs. And a pack of 4 non-toxic clays, each of a different color.
  • Focuses on building children’s concentration, fine motor skills and brings out their creative best.
  • A unique gifting option for kids that are 3 years and older, for a fun playtime!

Recommended Age is 3+

Additional information

Weight 0.20 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 1 cm


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