Origami Paper Planes is a set of bright paper plane designs and 35 sheets of printed origami paper. You can create a fleet of 35 planes with its own animal pilot. This kids’ paper plane set has 7 plane designs and comes with detailed step by step instructions to bring your planes to life. 2 sheets of discs have different animals printed onto them and they can be placed in the plane. We have a tiger, leopard, giraffe, zebra, peacock, crocodile, and fish

These paper planes have different levels of difficulty to build and are a wonderful way to help your child learn to follow step by step instructions. Fantastic for fine motor skills this toy also helps to be able to visualize a 3D form as you work from the instructions and your flat piece of paper.

Key Features

  • Origami craft kit for beginners
  • Includes instructions to fold the papers into planes in 7 easy steps
  • Includes pilot stickers to go with each plane once complete
  • Bright and colorful patterns to engage
  • Encourages concentration, hand-eye coordination, and hands-on skill

Recommended Age is 3+

Additional information

Weight 0.28 kg
Dimensions 31.4 × 1 × 22.7 cm

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